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Movie NameReader NameStatusDurationSource
Tiểu Hòa Thượng ikkyuChristina Trieu1:15:47
Buddhism Karma Stories 13 - Big WhaleJayden NguyenDone6:29
Buddhism Karma Stories 6 - Treasure Light KingJayden NguyenDone7:05
Karma Story 28 - Snake's RevengeJayden NguyenDone7:58
Wealthy Man Kills Beings, Adversity StrikesJayden NguyenDone7:47
01. Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva - The story of Two kingsJayden Nguyen8:20
Buddhism Karma Stories 8 - Son of Congregate GirlJayden Nguyen11:21
Buddha Pronounces the Sutra of Maitreya Bodhisattva's Attainment of BuddhahoodKhoa PhamDone1:04:01
Buddha Story - Build up your fortuneKhoa PhamDone6:07
Buddhism Karma Stories 18 - A Married WomanKhoa PhamDone8:22
Buddhism Karma Stories 2 - A Bitch (Female Dog)Khoa PhamDone13:51
Buddhism Karma Stories 3 - A Farmer Khoa PhamDone7:11
Buddhism Karma Stories 4 - Father Ascend to HeavenKhoa PhamDone10:15
Buddhist Stories - The Sutra Story 1 | Upali's Becoming a MonkKhoa PhamDone30:28
Buddhist Stories - The Sutra Story 2 | Mahakashyapa (Kashyapa Thero)Khoa PhamDone30:37
Cherish Sentient Beings Starting From ChildhoodKhoa PhamDone 
Chicken Repay Gratitude Regardless of Its SafetyKhoa PhamDone9:09
Honor the VirtuousKhoa PhamDone23:04
Karma Story 10 - Butcher's RepentanceKhoa PhamDone6:07
Karma Story 9 - Karma Is Exactly AccurateKhoa PhamDone7:13
Killing Randomly Causes ParalysisKhoa PhamDone 
Story of Manjushri Bodhisattva: A poor woman begging for foodKhoa PhamDone15:45
The Contemplation of Maitreya Bodhisattva Ascending to the Tusita Heaven SutraKhoa PhamDone37:32
The Sutra of Crime and Blessing for Transmigrating Between the Five DestiniesKhoa PhamDone26:24
Universal Door of AvalokitesvaraKhoa PhamDone23:24
Buddhism Karma Stories 12 - Garsei BeautyNhom Tuoi NgocDone8:33
Buddhism Karma Stories 7 - [No Fear] and [Sound of Drum]Nhom Tuoi NgocDone3:00
01. Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva - The story of Two kingsSophia NguyenDone8:20
02. The story of Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva - Brahman girlSophia NguyenDone28:37
A Lesson from the BuddhaSophia NguyenDone29:21
Panthaka Brothers - A Lesson from a BroomSophia NguyenDone30:45
Prince Virudhaka's Anger - The End of the ShakyaSophia NguyenDone30:31
Sacrificing Life To Feed the TigressSophia NguyenDone23:52
Six Paramitas Sutra - Charity ParamitaSophia NguyenDone22:27
The story of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva - The Virgin VowSophia NguyenDone14:59
The story of Earth-Treasure Bodhisattva - Benefits for Deceased and Existing 1/2Sophia NguyenDone8:14
The story of Earth-Treasure Bodhisattva - Benefits for Deceased and Existing 2/2Sophia NguyenDone8:09
The story of Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva - Bright-Eye Rescuing Her MotherSophia NguyenDone15:48
The Story of the elder without ears, eyes and tongueSophia NguyenDone20:36
Previous life of Gautama Buddha Story of MAHAJANAKASophia Nguyen1:40:00
The Story of Great Compassion DharaniSophia Nguyen22:17
Buddhism Karma Stories 15 - Golden NunThomas LeDone10:47
Buddhism Karma Stories 16 - Dharma GirlThomas LeDone6:35
Buddhism Karma Stories 17 - Two ChildrenThomas LeDone13:19
Buddhism Karma Stories 5 - Prince PeaceThomas LeDone14:38
Chant Buddha's Name 8 - Release Suffering In HellThomas LeDone3:40
Karmic Story Animation 3 - Extend Life by Worshiping Buddha and RegretThomas LeDone5:20
Purity Increase Immunity, Compassion can SterilizeThomas LeDone
Six Paramitas Sutra - Charity ParamitaThomas LeDone22:27
The Sutra Story 5 | A Lesson from the BuddhaThomas LeDone 
Buddhist Wisdom Stories-Merit of Offering WaterThomas Le8:09
Please Don\'t Offer Meat to the DeadTina Tram8:00
Buddhism Karma Stories 1 - An Old ManVincent LeDone
Buddhism Karma Stories 10 - Nude Hungry GhostVincent LeDone8:17
Buddhism Karma Stories 19 - Happy GirlVincent LeDone6:34
Buddhism Karma Stories 9 - Fleshy Hungry GhostVincent LeDone
Escape the death due to the trustworthy promiseVincent LeDone23:22
Karma of FishingVincent LeDone6:35
Karma Story 8 - A Cat Worships BuddhaVincent LeDone4:41
The Story of elder without ear, eyes, and tongueVincent LeDone15:17